Monday, September 3, 2007

Wedding Photos Now Available


Thanks for being so patient while we figured out how to best post to this blog. We hope you enjoy these wonderful pictures taken by Doug and Terri and others during the wedding week as much as we do! Thanks to Doug and Terri and all the super photographers for capturing the memories for us. We still have to add captions so you can identify everyone and still have some to add from the candid shots you all took with the disposable cameras. We will get them loaded in separate albums as soon as possible. We will also update you on the progress with the houses, etc.

Thanks to everyone for making these days so special.

Judi and Barry
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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Mr. and Mrs. Pulliam

We are officially married! The island trip was loads of fun. Family and friends came from far and wide. Dad officiated at the wedding ceremony. And I made everyone cry when I couldn't get through my vows without being overcome by the moment. I think it was one of those "close to God" moments when you feeling like God is right there hanging on your every word, and all you want to say is "Thank you so much for this - this moment, this wedding, this woman in my life." And I am forever grateful to my parents, who helped Judi and I in so many ways - meeting and loving Judi before we were engaged, their wonderous gifts that helpd us greatly, and all the preparation and hosting they did for all the friends and family that came to eat, worship and celebrate: Mom and Dad, Judi and I love you both dearly. And my brothers and sisters and Sam, we're also very grateful to you for everything you did to make this week special. And thank you to all of our family and all of our friends for traveling to the island to share in this incredible event. We had family and friends from Michigan, Missouri, Mississippi, Texas, southern California, northern California, Maryland and Florida. And finally, thank you to everyone for your wonderful gifts, your inspirational words, and the incredible love we have experienced. We want you all to know how grateful we are that each and every one of you are connected to our life together. With all our love, Barry and Judi